Angie White – She Has This Power

Release date: 05-sep-2015

Label: Just Angie

Catalog #: UPC: 872133541695

Angie’s song ‘She Has This Power’ is a beautiful piece of music. Lyrics by Angie and music by the wonderful Roy C Scott!

“A song I wrote about my eating disorder which I had for 8 years. I’m having almost no troubles with food anymore since about 2 years now, but sometimes it comes from around the corner and tries to kick me back into it again.. The difference is that I am so much stronger than I was before. I’ve learned how to deal with it. How to deal with things in life, because an eating disorder may be outing in food, but it was never about the food, you know.. I wrote about it as a recovery and to know that this also is a part of me. It happened and it made me the way I am today with a whole new perception on things in life and I’m proud of it! I enjoy every minute of my life now and do whatever makes ME feel good. This is my life, this is me and this also was and still is a big part of ME!”